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TCAP is the local council for Prevent Child Abuse Indiana.  Prevention of child abuse is an enormous task which requires the effort of the entire community.  Everyone interested in helping children is encouraged to become involved with TCAP.


The mission of Tippecanoe Child Abuse Prevention Council is to positively impact the prevention of child abuse through education and awareness, while enhancing the quality of life for families in Tippecanoe County.  We strive to educate the community as well as provide fun activities to promote healthy family relationships.  In addition to April’s events, we also host events in the summer and fall.


Prevent Child Abuse Indiana believes the most effective approach to reducing child abuse and neglect is to maintain a statewide network of volunteers to work on behalf of child abuse prevention in communities throughout Indiana. TCAP, a chartered council of PCAIN, can ensure that there is a unified and continuous voice advocating for child abuse prevention services and programs throughout Indiana.


TCAP builds coalitions of professionals and volunteers who dedicate their time and talents in the effort to end child abuse in Tippecanoe County.  Through partnerships with local youth organzations, local businesses and caring individuals, these efforts are magnified and become one unified voice for the children of Tippecanoe County.

TCAP educates youth workers and professionals, community members, govenmental leaders, parents and children about child abuse prevention through one-on-one consultations, group workshops, public speaking engagements, media relations, and event hosting.  TCAP has up-to-date data and resources readily available to aid in child abuse prevention education. 
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